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Dr. K. Santhosh Kumar

School of Science

Welcome to School of Science (SoS), GSFC University. In today’s competitive and globalized world, perusing a professional and specialized education becomes an imperative for future success. We, at School of Science are committed to providing academic excellence in the fields of Fire & Safety, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Industrial Microbiology, Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. School of Science in line with the strong Vision and Mission of the University ensures to implement the learner centric Education 4.0 model wherein emphasis is given to competency based lifelong learning to develop the Industry ready Science Graduates.

School of Science at GSFC University offers a friendly and exciting academic environment in which the views, values, ideas and experiences of students are not only shared, but also analyzed and re-examined thoroughly through continuous interaction among students and faculty members. We are committed towards holistic development of our students not only professionally but also ethically & morally. We encourage student centric culture and sharpened focus on developing industry ready & employable students with the all-round holistic development. 

At School of Science, we provide personalized, top grade education delivered by an experienced and well-qualified faculty who bring an intellectual rigour and practical focus to their classrooms as well as to laboratories. We also have experience visiting faculties from the industries, who are experts in their discipline, to support our curriculum which includes industrial case studies.

GSFC University located within sprawling and lush green GSFC Township provides an excellent and safe place for student to pursue their studies. The University is located at a proximity of 22 Plants of GSFC Ltd., adding students for Industrial Internship and other Practical and Hands on training. We as institution always thrives upon great infrastructure, which is not only world class but also environmentally conscious and sustainable. Our academic curriculum is of dynamic in nature which is reviewed after every six months to develop unique quality standards for academic excellence and pedagogical innovations.

The curriculum offers Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) where students have choice to decide the subject so that they can excel in the area of their interest. We draw students from diverse and multi-cultural backgrounds, which provides a very vibrant and stimulating classroom environment. Students at School of Science are always encouraged to take projects based on latest technologies available in the campus such as 3D Printing and Super Computer.

We also offer part time Ph.D.  Program in Biotechnology and Chemistry. We encourage employees of the industries to take part time research program.

At School of Science, it is compulsory for a student to undergo industrial internship in all the semesters to get hands-on-experience and become industry ready and employable. The industrial internship reduces the induction period of training duration when they are employed. In addition to this, before commencement of first semester, we provide them compulsory foundation course and ability enhancement compulsory course in every semester for their holistic growth.

We also provide students an opportunity to participate in student managed clubs to train them to strengthen their capacity to observe, analyse, and participate in socio-economic development. Our students also play a substantial role in making our programs successful through participating in decision making, hard work and persistence in finding solutions to challenging issues. Our Library is housed with large number of books, reference books, periodicals to cater the needs as per curriculum and remains open 24x7.

Communicating the importance and influence of science in our society has never been more critical. Today we face the dual threat of a pandemic and the manifestations of climate change. With a focus on resilience and sustainability, science provides solutions to these problems through the engagement of diverse thoughts, approaches and expertise of our best scientists—of all backgrounds. The time for science is now, for everyone, and the place for it is School of Science, GSFC University.

Best Wishes!